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   The hair loss series from Orcano contains a unique formula that prevents hair loss and is rich in vitamins, the most important of which is vitamin. E, Omega 3, Vitamin B, Shea Butter, and Coconut Oil. One of its most important components is caffeine, as the study showed in the caffeine that is found in coffee, which can protect hair follicles from the hormone "dehydrotestosterone". When it gets to the forerunners, they are aggravated. To prevent hair loss, method of use, wash the hair well with Orkano shampoo, then dry the hair well, then spray an Orkano spray product to prevent hair loss on the scalp in sufficient quantity, and it must cover all areas of the scalp, then massage the scalp well with your fingers until you make sure the substance penetrates


‏Leave the substance on the scalp for more than an hour, then wash the hair well with Orcano shampoo

‏Note: Do not use a hair dryer while the material is on the hair. hightest tempareatures

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